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Dean Sumer

I look forward to sharing with you my extensive knowledge and experience in the home mortgage market to help you get the best deal. I can help you navigate the complex landscape of mortgage financing and put more dollars in your pocket. With my background in finance, credit repair, commercial banking, investing, and real estate, […]

Ricardo Rico

Helping you to get into the home of your dreams is my most important goal, whether it is a new home loan purchase or refinance. With my background in Counseling, I know the right questions to ask and how to work with you efficiently and professionally to get you the right loan and save you […]

Javier Ordonez

Working with people like you to find the best home loan for your needs is my top priority. As a Ventura County resident, building a strong community has a personal meaning for me. I have many years of real estate investing and customer service experience and would love to put my skills to work for […]